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Somos especializados em serviços de produção de vídeo adaptados ao sector industrial, incluindo fábricas, adegas, empresas de construção e corporações.

O nosso portfólio inclui a captação de conteúdos de vídeo e filmagens aéreas com drones, edição de vídeo, captação e sincronização de áudio, gráficos de texto dinâmicos, desenvolvimento de guiões e correção de cor profissional.
Com anos de experiência ao serviço de clientes industriais, compreendemos as necessidades únicas de filmar instalações operacionais, maquinaria, processos de fabrico e trabalhadores.

We specialize in video production services tailored to the industrial sector, including factories, wineries, construction companies and corporations. Our portfolio includes capturing video content and aerial footage with drones, video editing, audio capture and synchronization, dynamic text graphics, script development and professional color correction. With years of experience serving industrial clients, we understand the unique needs of filming operational facilities, machinery, manufacturing processes and workers. Our videography and post-production services are designed to showcase the scope of your operations, whether for training, promotion or documentation. Additionally, we offer full business video production services. From internal communications and training videos to marketing videos, case studies and more, our corporate video production team can handle video creation from start to finish to showcase your company, products, services or initiatives. Our team of professional videographers, editors, copywriters and project managers develops high-quality business videos that align with your brand and engage your target audience. Our full range of business video services includes planning and concept development, scripting, filming, editing, dynamic text graphics, color correction, closed captioning and more. We work closely with you at every stage of the video production process to bring your vision to life on screen.

Let our experienced team handle your specialized video production needs for your industrial and corporate video projects.

A nossa equipa trata das necessidades de produção de vídeo especializado para os seus projectos de vídeo industriais e empresariais.

Script Development


Our video script writing services help turn your vision into a captivating script. Our experienced copywriters create effective scripts for explanatory, commercial, industrial, promotional, corporate videos, social media videos and more. Using research and storytelling techniques, we develop engaging scripts to convey your brand's message in a clear and memorable way.

Filming Services


Bring your vision to the screen with our professional video production and filming services. Our experienced videographers will work with you to capture the visual elements that effectively communicate your message and tell your brand story. We film commercials, corporate videos, events, social media content and much more. Our comprehensive services include pre-production planning, script writing, organizing crew travel and equipment assignment, filming with state-of-the-art cameras, professional lighting and capturing clear audio. During the filming process, our team focuses on enhancing your brand's image and identity. We then edit the footage using our post-production experience. With our full video filming services, we can create stunning videos tailored to your goals and your audience.

Video edition

Bring your video footage to life with our professional video editing services. Our expert video editors will collaborate with you to create compelling videos that engage your audience. We edit advertisements, documentaries, content for social networks, promotional and institutional videos and much more. Using our expertise in storytelling, video editing, audio mixing and color correction, we enhance your raw images to align with your creative vision. Our post-production process includes organizing images, assembling cuts, adding transitions, integrating graphics and effects and finalizing editing to obtain a professional and impactful video. With creativity and storytelling in mind, our editing transforms your clips into a cohesive, visually stunning video that sticks with viewers and achieves its goals. Let us handle the video editing while you focus on your broader messages and strategies.

Drone Services

Our professional pilots use state-of-the-art drones to capture stunning aerial images, adding dynamic perspectives to videos. We provide aerial footage for advertising, real estate, events and more. With high-resolution drones and expert pilots, we get incredible panoramic views, enhancing your brand's videos. Our experienced team handles permits, safety checks and regulations for professional, compliant footage. Trust us to create videos with unforgettable drone footage.

Color Correction


Improve the look of your videos with our professional color correction services. Our expert colorists adjust the color and lighting of your footage to align with your creative vision. We provide color correction services for advertisements, films, documentaries, corporate and promotional videos and much more. Using our technical skills and artistic eye, we balance colors, adjust brightness and contrast and create stylized looks. Our color correction process gives your video visual continuity, directs the viewer's focus and evokes the desired mood and tone. We use cutting-edge software and equipment to grade your raw footage or finalize edits with sophisticated techniques like minor corrections. With us, you have specialized colorists at your disposal and a collaborative process that takes your video to a higher level. Our color correction services give your video a cinematic, professional quality that engages your audience.

Professional Voiceover


Engage your audience with high-quality professional voiceovers for your videos and projects with our talents. Our professional voice-overs deliver clear, engaging narration with personalized recordings in line with your brand identity and messaging. We offer voiceover work for advertisements, explanatory videos, eLearning courses, audiobooks, corporate, institutional and promotional videos and much more. Our team can record your script in a wide range of vocal styles, accents, ages and languages tailored to your needs and available in a variety of European languages. We provide voice-over guidance through scripts and audio production to capture the right tone and inflection. We guarantee professional quality audio recorded in the studio. Our post-production experience perfects voiceovers. With our voiceover production services, we handle the process in an integrated and complete way to enhance your project with convincing and professional narration.

Text Graphics


Engage your viewers by integrating interesting text graphics into your videos with our professional motion design services. Our expert graphic designers create custom dynamic text elements, including headlines with interviewee names, on-screen titles, captions, credits, and more. Using professional software, we design sleek, modern graphics with professional typography and color theory tailored to your brand identity and video style. From kinetic typography to informative motion graphics, our text graphics add a professional look, visual interest, and context to your videos. Trust our motion graphics expertise to captivate your audience.



Make your videos accessible to a wider audience with our subtitling services. Our experienced subtitling professionals create accurate subtitles and closed captions for your video projects in multiple languages. We provide professional-level subtitling for business videos, documentaries, online courses, social media content, corporate, institutional and promotional videos. With skills in creating transcriptions, localization, synchronization and formatting, our team follows best practices for text insertion, style and speaker identification. We take care of the translations and provide subtitle files with time code to watch on your favorite player. Our subtitling adds value by increasing the reach of the video across all platforms and languages. With clear communication and an efficient process, we provide accurate captions that improve the user experience. Trust us for high-quality, compatible subtitles that allow your video's visuals and audio to be understood globally.

Our Process

  1. Before we begin the production process, we need to gather as much information as possible about the project. We need to think about the final length of the video, the platform where it will be shown and the main message you want to convey.

  2. Once we have a solid idea, we will send you a formal quote with dates, locations and prices.

  3. We will plan and/or provide any scripting or pre-production needs.

  4. We will go to the agreed location to film the video.

  5. We will provide versions of the video for review so your team can request changes to the video.

  6. We will finalize and deliver the final video.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

How much does a video cost?

The price of video production services varies depending on how many factors, namely:

  1. How many people/cameras are involved in the production process

  2. The number of days that are necessary to film

  3. If it is necessary to develop a concept/script

  4. If the video has motion graphics

  5. If the video needs captions and/or subtitles

  6. If the video needs a voice over

  7. The video length

  8. The media where the video will be used for

  9. If we need to hire actors to feature in the video

We’ve worked with budgets of 300 Euros and 15,000 Euros and everything in between. 

Before the project begins, we’ll provide a breakdown of all the costs and services involved in your production.


Will you help us develop concepts and ideas?

Yes. We love helping develop video concepts, we believe we can add unmatched value at this stage.

However, we do have clients who know just what they want and simply lack the know-how and equipment to reach their goals.

We’re happy to work in whichever way suits you best. If you want support with concepts, just let us know up front, and we’d be glad to plan your story out with you.


Script development, what's that?

This will depend on the type of video you are looking for us to create. See below:

1. Videos with testimonials: These videos use the interview and speech of interviewees as a guideline. These voices are used as a voiceover and we can insert footage of the people being interviewed and b-roll to illustrate what is being said. This is a more straightforward process as we don’t need to hire a voiceover artist and/or actors. 


2. Videos with a Voiceover: For these videos, we write the script for the voiceover and use the footage accordingly to suit what is being said. We can work from a script and/or guidelines provided by the client, or we can create a voiceover script from scratch, based on the client’s brief.

3. Videos with actors: This is the format you usually see in TV commercials, think about a supermarket ad, for example. Based on our experience, using actors may substantially increase the price of your final video, so, if you are working on a budget, we may suggest that you ask some of your company colleagues to feature in your video.

Generally, we do not use actors as it isn't really in line with our business model, saying this, we have and will utilize actors should the project call for it.


Can you make other content like photos at the same time? 

We do not provide photography services, but we can provide high-resolution thumbnails taken from your footage if required. If you need this service, please let us know during the briefing stage.


Can you help me write a script?

Yes. Not all videos require a script (they do require a concept though, we can help with that too), but if yours does, we’re happy to develop a script for you. Please let us know if you need this at the proposal stage.


Can I have music in my video?

Yes. We obtain music licenses for stock music and are subscribed to professional stock music libraries, with thousands of tracks to choose from, and we will select one that is suitable to the style of your video.

Can you provide subtitles in Portuguese and other languages?

We work with professional translators in most European languages. We are happy to provide high-quality subtitles for your video. Please let us know if this is a service you feel your video will benefit from.


Do you charge by the length of the video?

No. A one-minute video can involve a single locked-off camera consistently filming, in the case of a testimonial video, for example; or an action-packed sequence of shots filmed all over the world using multiple sources. As you can imagine, the work that goes into both these style choices is vastly different.

This is why we do not charge by the video length but may ask what length you’d like your video to be in order to plan out the production process.


Will you travel?

Yes, we travel around Portugal, we have crew members and collaborators spread all across the country, we also have access to camera operatives in some key European countries.


What does the making of a video generally involve?

A typical video production project breaks down into three sections.

1 — Pre-production, where we develop concepts, script, and organize the logistical aspects of your video.

2 — Production, where our team will film and record all the sound and footage, including interviews, cutaway sequences, and supporting shots.

3 — Post-production. This is where we put everything we recorded together, mix in the music, create motion graphics, voiceover, and any other elements.


Do I have to hire equipment on top of the base price?

Mostly no. We own our camera equipment, gimbals, microphones, and video editing suites.

By investing in the equipment, we’re able to move quickly, turn content around faster and save our clients money. All while avoiding scheduling problems with an equipment hire company.

This has helped make us the go-to team for business videos and branded content videos.

The only time this isn’t the case is if specialist equipment is required or if the client requires specific equipment. In this case, our team can source the equipment for your production, and inform you of the necessary extra fees for the equipment.


Can I have a voiceover?

Yes. We can provide you with a professional voiceover or support you in recording your voiceover. We can script, edit and source the voiceover artist, leaving our clients with extra time to do what they do best.


Can I use archive video footage in my videos?

We have relationships with some of the world’s biggest and best archive video companies. We’ll be happy to source the footage and necessary licenses for your video. We also have a diverse range of footage recorded by ourselves and our collaborators to choose from.


How do I provide feedback on the video?

We believe feedback is an essential part of the process, and it needs to be easy to do and understand.

The first video draft you receive will have an embedded timecode. When giving the feedback, you will be able to point out exactly where your change will take place (based on the pre-approved script & concept).


How many feedback rounds do I get? 

Our regular feedback is two rounds. After that, any significant changes may require additional work, which we charge for. If you believe you need additional feedback rounds, let us know, and we’ll add this to the proposal process.

What is the standard turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 21 days for the 1st review but we may be able to squeeze in your project depending on your needs and our availability. Please feel free to reach out to us and ask.


I have the footage, can you edit it for me?

Yes, we can work with your footage and stock images even if we didn’t film your project ourselves. We offer transfer services to get your footage over to us quickly and securely, let us know if this is a service you would require.


Do you film weddings & Music videos?

No. As a company, we made a choice not to provide wedding/music video services and to focus instead on supporting businesses with their video marketing & promotional needs. By focusing on video marketing, we’re able to provide a higher quality of service and keep up with changes in the industry.


Do you do live streaming?

We currently do not offer live-streaming solutions.


Do you speak English?

Yes, our Project Managers and video crew are happy to assist you in English.

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